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Flexible spaces...

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Our 56 acre site has lots of different camping areas dotted all across it. Whether you fancy something a little quieter and “basic” for your camp or prefer to be right next to all of the facilities with easy access, we have something for everyone.

Group camps….

Our site has a lot of naturally big camping areas, which are perfect for large group camps. This coupled with our superb range of activities and locality to everything that Yorkshire has to offer means that you could easily occupy your whole group for a long time!

“Back of the wood”…

If you are after somewhere to get back to basics, then this is the area for you. It is a little further to get to, but once you get there, you will feel totally separated from the main camp centre and will be able to find plenty of space to create your back to basics camping area.


Our locality to many local paths and good transport links, makes us an ideal location for expedition stop overs, if you give us a call, we can also recommend other sites to make your journey complete.

Fancy an upgrade?

Standing Camp & Kitchen

If you want to camp in style, cut down on equipment and make your camp a little "easier" why not upgrade to our standing camp. Its 5 tradtional troop tents give ample accomodation for a troop, pack or collony and our quirky camp kitchen has all of the equipment that you need for basic catering for your group. 

Other Facilities

Toilets & Showers…

We have two toilet blocks, one with shower facilities, all with modern fixtures and fittings.

Beaver Shelter…

If the weather isn’t kind to you and you need somewhere to do your cooking and run activities from then this is ideal… situated just near the camp centre, it offers some cover from the elements.           



Exciting restart activities coming very soon for 2021/22!

Watch this space for more details!

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