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Bradley Wood wins the Rastrick Big Local vote

Jun 12, 2018

The Rastrick Big Local fund for 2018 - Voice your Choice - 1st place goes to Bradley Wood. Rastrick residents vote to help Bradley Wood continue to develop and improve. 

People have been voting across Rastrick to decide the destination of their Big Local Fund for 2018.

The online vote has now closed and Bradley Wood has been picked by nearly 43% of the voters to receive the first prize of nearly £60000 to continue the development of the Wood.

We are planning to use the money to build a play area, put up an amazing Zip Line and finish off our Challenge Valley project.

Many thanks to Gaz Pierce and his band of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to get our message out and to the people of Rastrick who took the time to vote and ultimately award us this fabulous first prize.  

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