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Join Our Team

Do you want to join the team? 

Bradley Wood needs an army of volunteers to keep it going. Whatever time people can give, we are so very grateful for every single minute that people can spare.

We are currently recruiting for the following teams; 

Activity Instructors; 

Do you already have a permit and would like to intruct with us or would you like to learn a new skill and gain a permit at Bradley Wood? Most of our activities require either NGB (National Governing Body), Scout or site specific permits to operate and it takes a whole team of instructors to run the activities for our customers all year round. 

Service Team; 

Our famous service team donned in their red (over 18) or blue (under 18) t-shirts are the ones who keep the site running every single weekend and during the peak holiday periods. The team offer front line customer service, deliver activities, keep the site clean and tidy and much more. If you'd like to be involved, please get in touch! We are also looking for service team leaders and supervisors to support the running of these teams. 

Project & Maintainance Team; 

Do you have a particular skill or are you just a DIY enthusiast who has run out of jobs at home? We are always looking for people to support us with the endless list of "little jobs" and ongoing projects that improve the site. 


We have 2 shops and a bar onsite and they take a whole team of people to run them on evenings and weekends. If you fancy getting involved with this team, please get in touch! 

Support Roles; 

Are you an aspiring fundraiser willing to work on some of our fundraising projects? Do you have skills that could help us to keep our website and marketing materials up to date? Are you a social media fan who could help to run our social channels, can you offer admin support? There are lots of roles to fill and lots of jobs to do... if you think that you could offer help, we will have a role to meet your skills! 

For any volunteer enquiries, please contact Gaz, the ACC Bradley Wood by emailing bradleywood@wyscouts.org.uk and he will give you more details about current opportunities!

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