D of E  at Bradley Wood

D of E
at Bradley Wood

Service, Residential, Skill

Bradley Wood is a great venue to complete any of your D of E sections at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.


Join our service team and attend regular days / weekends at the site to clock up your service hours. This might include getting involved in projects as well as with the general running of the site. You could chose to take on a particular challenge or project at the site, for example looking after our pond, running conservation badge days fo the younger sections or helping in the shop on a weekend. 


For Gold level, we offer week long D of E residentials at any time of year, but particularly over the summer. Being at Bradley Wood in peak season is a great opportunity to work with others and meet new people. 


Maybe you would like to learn to instruct a new activity, learn to use a particular piece of equipment or learn to look after particular things on the site... this might include getting involved in projects accross the site and learning new practical skills. 

If you would like to discuss D of E opportunities, please contact Gaz, the ACC Bradley Wood by email on bradleywood@wyscouts.org.uk 


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